St Luke's, with the Deanery of Jersey, is fully committed to safeguarding children

and adults in its community and to the implementation of the Jersey Deanery Child

and Adult Protection Policy as drawn up with the Diocese of Salisbury. 

To see the Diocesan Policy, please click here.

Click here to download the Jersey Deanery Safeguarding Policy

See below for St Luke's Safeguarding Policy (reviewed annually)

Contact our safeguarding co-ordinator, Mrs Kath Chatrian, by email here or on 01534 733957

The Churchwardens can be emailed by clicking on the names below or calling 01534 733957:

Mrs Anne Robertson     Mrs Mary Osmond

In the Diocese of Salisbury, there are two Diocesan Safeguarding Advisers (DSAs), who work together in a job-share arrangement, providing safeguarding cover throughout the week. These are Jeremy (Jem) Carter and Heather Bland.

Heather Bland has lead responsibility for the Deanery of Jersey and will have general oversight on all matters relating to the Island. In in her absence you should speak to Jem Carter, who will have full access to relevant safeguarding records and will also provide advice in line with this handbook about any safeguarding incident or query.

Jem Carter works 9 am - 5 pm, Tuesday - Friday inclusive, either from Church House, Salisbury or from home.  Jem is also the dedicated Safeguarding Adviser to Salisbury Cathedral.  Jem can be contacted by email on  He is also available via mobile phone on 07469 857888. An on-line discussion can be arranged if necessary.

Heather Bland works 9 am – 5 pm, Monday - Wednesday inclusive, either from home or Church House, Salisbury. Heather can be emailed on or contacted via mobile phone on 07500 664800. Again, an on-line meeting can be arranged if needed.

 On call service

The Diocese of Salisbury also provide a limited ‘on call’ DSA service from Monday - Thursday inclusive, until 9 pm.  After 9 pm, it is likely that any situation will be an emergency one, in which case the Police should be contacted. Call provision is shared between Heather and Jem as below:

  • Monday and Tuesday evenings: Heather Bland 
  • Wednesday and Thursday evenings: Jem Carter

Weekend cover 

After 5 pm on a Friday, an external provider ‘thirtyone:eight’ is contracted to provide an out of hours safeguarding service until 9 am the following Monday.They should be contacted in respect of any concerns over this period via their 24/7 helpline – tel 0303 0031111.  They will provide initial advice and direction and send an alert to the DSAs, for their attention and follow-up action when they return to work after the weekend. Further information regarding ‘thirtyone:eight’ can be found on their website which also contains a wealth of generic advice on safeguarding issues.