Sunday 5th July 2020

1. Next Sunday, 12 July, there will be two Masses: the first will be at 0900 and the second, which will be live-streamed, at 1030. Please continue to use the online booking system for Mass, to enable us to ensure that everyone gets a seat and we don’t have to turn anyone away. If you’ve not yet returned to church, but want to, please visit our website and book a place! You’ll be asked for your first and second preferences, which makes it a bit easier to balance the congregations. (Note: if you have any difficulties with the booking form, please email the office on

2. The Advisory Committee will meet in the church hall on Tuesday evening at 7pm.

3. Mass will be offered this week as follows: Wednesday at 1000. As well as a physical congregation, this will also be live-streamed (0955). Thursday and Friday at 0800. The live-stream will commence at 0755. NOTE: There will be NO MASS on Tuesday this week.

4. Requests for Prayer may be left via our website. Simply click on the appropriate tab, fill-in your request and press ‘submit’. Your prayer intentions will be offered at the daily Mass. 

5. Also on our website ( may be found a variety of resources to help encourage us all in our life of prayer. Please be sure to have a look.

6. Online worship means we don’t have collections at our services thank you to everyone who is supporting us with their online giving using GIVT and Sumup (and of course, to everyone who continues to support us by regular standing order). If you’d like to make a donation, just head to our website: (