Sunday 31st May 2020

1.Those with an eye for these things will have noted that according to the rules governing the election of Church Officers and the presentation of church accounts, our Annual Parochial Church Meeting should have been held by today. However, as may also have been noted, these are not normal times! After careful legal consideration, the Dean of Jersey has directed that APCMs will not be held until this time next year (we hope!).

Moreover, the need for the election of Church Officers has been waived; instead, our existing Officers will continue to serve for the coming year. Thanks are therefore due to our two Churchwardens, Anne Robertson and Mary Osmond and our two Almoners, Heather Harrison and Steve Holley, for being prepared to continue in office. In similar vein, given that we are unable to hold an election for it, the current members of our Advisory Committee have been invited to continue to serve for another year. The church accounts will be circulated in the very near future.

2. Mass will be offered on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of this week, at 0800. The live-stream will commence at 0755.

3. Requests for Prayer may be left via our website. Simply click on the appropriate tab, fill-in your request and press ‘submit’. Your prayer intentions will be offered at the daily Mass.

4. Also on our website ( may be found a variety of resources to help encourage us all in our life of prayer. Please be sure to have a look.

5. Online worship means we don’t have collections at our services thank you to everyone who is supporting us with their online giving using GIVT and Sumup (and of course, to everyone who continues to support us by regular standing order). If you’d like to make a donation, just head to our website: (