If you have recently become engaged to be married and you are considering St Luke's, as a place to seek God’s blessing upon your marriage then please accept our warmest congratulations!

At St Luke’s we take the preparation of those seeking a church wedding very seriously. If you are not already members of the community here, we would ask you to strongly consider becoming so. We look forward to working with you as you plan your wedding day and the rest of your married life together – and we will aim to support you not only in the short-term, but also in the medium and long-term if, after your wedding, you remain in the parish. 

Marriage Preparation

You will be expected attend marriage preparation meetings with the Vicar.  As part of these meetings, you will be able to discuss and make decisions about the resources open to you, such as your choice of music, readings, prayers and flowers for your Wedding Service.

Underpinning all the discussion at these meetings are the convictions that a good marriage depends on the ability to communicate well, to exhibit flexibility, to be aware of strengths and potential weaknesses in your relationship, to have shared values and to address differences and conflict effectively. These themes will be explored with you.

Marriage and the Law

In order to be married in a Church of England church, certain legal requirements must be met. There are also considerations which are relevant to those who have been married before.  In accordance with the regulations of the Bishops of the Church of England, the normal practice in St Luke's for those who have been divorced is for there to be a blessing in church following a civil wedding.

Before you do anything else you should click here to make an appointment to see the Vicar, Fr Nick Barry.  He will explain the law as it applies to your marriage and will discuss the possibilities of either a Wedding Service in church or Blessing after a Civil Marriage, depending upon your circumstances.  Whichever is possible, St Luke's Church aims to support and encourage you as a couple as you begin your married life together.