15th November 2018
During November, St Luke's will join with churches, institutions, towns, villages and cities across the British Isles as part of There But Not There - A Nationwide Installation for the Fallen.

In St Luke's we will have 17 beautifully crafted silhouettes sitting alongside us in the pews. These represent just some of the men from St Luke's Parish who fell in the First World War.

Engraved blocks with the ranks and names of each of the St Luke's Fallen will be placed throughout the church along with a magnificent 6' high silhouette of a British 'Tommy' and several smaller Tommys too.

There will be a display with information about and photographs of those whose names are listed on our War Memorial.

Each child from St Luke's School will have made a poppy and these will be displayed beside the War Memorial, evoking the poppies at the Tower of London in 2014.

There But Not There will run for 2 weeks, with a magnificent Solemn Requiem for The Fallen on Sunday 11th November as we mark a century of the Great War's ending.

We encourage everyone to come and see what promises to be a truly moving, thought provoking and fascinating work.

More information on There But Not There can be found on the Remembrance page of this website.


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