Mission Action Plan

The Church of St Luke


Mission Action Plan

   Advent 2017 – Christ the King 2018

Our Vision

 To be a vibrant living Church at the heart of the local community


Our Mission

 To serve God and grow His Church

through worship, prayer and involvement in our community

Priority 1

To develop and deepen our life of prayer and worship


Conduct Worship Review (by April 2018)

We will look at the style and variety of worship we offer and consider if there are any changes which we could or should make.


Expand life of corporate and individual  prayer (by November 2018)

At the heart of the Christian life is a commitment to pray, so we will be exploring how we might further develop our life of prayer in St Luke’s.


Priority 2

To place St Luke’s at the heart of our local community


Continue development of publicity ‘machine’ (ongoing)

Good and effective publicity is absolutely key to raising awareness of  the church in the local area.  We will continue to build on good work already done.


Begin to develop a Social Outreach programme (by August 2018)

The Gospel imperative to love our neighbours must be lived-out.  We are therefore called to serve our community and show the love of the Lord Jesus to all who are in need.


Priority 3

To attract new people of all ages, while retaining the existing congregation

Young Families 

Continue development of Messy Church and/or Parents and Toddlers (ongoing)

We will work hard to find imaginative ways to engage with young families who live in our area but remain untouched by the Church.

Family Focus

Develop regular and frequent young person and family-focussed worship  (by July 2018)

Attracting and retaining children, teenagers and young adults is fundamental to the future life of the Church. We will work together to meet this challenge.

Why we’re doing this

‘We are told (by St Paul) that in order to be a good steward of the household of God, you have to be a good steward of your own household. It’s really a dimension of stewardship – you have to plan and organise things. If we are serious about mission and that is the clear priority, then we’ve got to be business-like, and some sort of plan is          inevitable.’ 

The Right Reverend David Hope

former Archbishop of York


Mission Action Planning is a response to the call of God placed upon us all to be good stewards of his household.  It is a practical response to the ‘Great Commission’ of Jesus at the end of St Matthew’s Gospel, that we are to ‘make disciples of all the nations’.  It is intended to give both focus and direction to the mission of Christ’s Church and           challenges us all to be deliberate and thoughtful about our mission, in order that the Gospel of Salvation may be proclaimed through our words and actions both in the context of our worshipping life together and in our engagement with the local community.


The Mission Action Plan for St Luke’s has been prepared by the Advisory Committee after many months’ of thought, prayer and discussion and sets out the Vision and     Mission of our church over the next five years.  Flowing from the Vision and Mission are three key priorities which we will focus upon to achieve our Vision and out of these priorities come a number of goals for the first twelve months of the Plan.


It is hoped that everyone who is part of the family of St Luke’s will identify with the Vision that is set out in this Plan and will be keen to play their part in seeing our goals achieved and our Vision realised.