Giving to St. Luke's

These days not everyone carries cash, as we all did not long ago.  Indeed, since 2017, the use of debit cards for everyday transactions has outstripped the use of cash and by 2020 two-thirds of all payments will be made using contactless cards and smartphones.

Not surprisingly, this development impacts in the life of churches and charities everywhere, as people often find they have no money with which to participate in cash-based collections.

Of course, here in St Luke’s we are fortunate in that many people give to the church by regular standing order from their bank and thus don’t need to worry about having cash for the collection.  However, for those who don’t do this, or those who may be visitors, or for those occasions when we may be having a special collection for a particular cause or project, we have taken a mighty leap forward and now embrace contactless technology!

And we’re using it in two quite different ways.

The first is by encouraging people to download the Givt app to their phones.  There’s a separate leaflet all about Givt which gives an introduction to this new way of giving. This app is ideal for those who want to make their donation as the collection baskets come past - for the really clever thing about it is that as the basket passes your phone, the donation will be made!  All the giver need do is decide the amount they wish to give and hold their phone in their hand as the basket approaches. Incredible! So please download the app  today!

The second method of electronic giving we’ve introduced will be familiar to everyone who’s ever used a debit or credit card to pay for something. We now have a ‘giving point’ at the back of church which incorporates a contactless card  reader. We also have a hand-held card reader.  All that is required is to select an amount to give and tap one’s card (or phone) on the reader. The ‘giving point’ and the Givt app will also be useful for those  making purchases from our little ‘shop’ at the back of church.

Giving to the life of the Church and in support of charitable endeavours has for ever been part of Christian life and experience and we hope that by embracing the huge change that has occurred in the means by which we all conduct our financial transactions, we are helping people to express their faith in this tangible way. But lest anyone is alarmed, all may rest assured that good  old-fashioned cash is still most welcome in the collection basket!